Could 16-0 German Kickboxer Agit Kabayel Take Boxing heavyweight Division By Storm?

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16-0 European Heavyweight champion Agit Kabayel of Essen, Germany, is a 24 year old converted kickboxer who has ascended to the world heavyweight rankings. With 12 knockouts in 16 bouts, Kabayel has a 75% knockout ratio. In addition has also won decisions impressively and hard fought with heart at 10 at 12 rounds respectively.

From Chris Algieri to Demetrius ‘Oak Tree’ Edwards, many professional kickboxers, professional wrestlers, professional football players like Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones and Mark Gastineau, and other athletes have attempted the boxing plunge. With Mixed Martial Arts have risen to the top of worldwide public interest, boxing promoters have turned to MMA in many situations for pro boxer recruitment.

Can the formula work at the heavyweight championship boxing level. Unlike Algieri, Kabayel has proven he is not always with a kill or be killed mentality like many MMA fighters. With Algieri, Algieri versus Pacquiao (lost decision), and Algieri versus Spence Jr. (got stopped), and Algieri versus Provodnikov round one (down three timers but came back to win), were disasters due to his MMA mentality. Algieri has the potential to overcome the MMA way of approaching fighters. Kabayel has already converted over successfully. In the heavyweight division, for a heavy weight level kickboxer to convert over into a full-fledged pro heavyweight world ranked boxer is unheard of.

Kabayel is ready to move up to more serious opposition at the 12 round level in defense of his European Heavy weight crown. Robert Helenius, Dereck Chisora, Kubrat Pulev and Johann Duhappas, and Erkan Tepper are among those on the mid-level horizon. Kabayel is an experiment in ‘can he or can’t he’ from kickboxer to pro boxer. To chase after Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker, Lucas Browne, Wladimir Klitschko, Ruslan Chagaev, Andy Ruiz and David Haye, Kabayel must take his boxing challenges and skill level to the next tier. The world will be watching. Kickboxers like Agit Kabayel have provided sportswriter Robert Brizel with a template and an education on how the MMA fighter can be retrained and successfully converted into a world class boxer at the heavy weight level successfully.….READ MORE

Robert Brizel
Robert Brizel
A native of New York’s Catskill Mountains, long a haven to boxers in training, New York City educator and sports writer Robert Brizel holds five university degrees in the education field, and has been writing about boxing since 1975. Robert has been an internet only boxing writer and photographer since 2008, and previously wrote for Saddoboxing. An old school writer rare in that he writes and takes his own boxing photos simultaneously, he seeks out different angles to create original stories. Robert is a frequent sight reporting boxing events in Atlantic City Casinos and New York City. Now expanding his writing to add MMA. Married with a daughter. A sharp dresser, Robert’s electric personality brings class and to events he covers. The only active boxing writer today licensed as a boxing manager and corner man, Robert works the corner in New York and New Jersey on occasion, adding a unique perspective and dimension to his perceptions of the fight game today. Also a trained vocalist who performed on the Catskill hotel nightclub stage for a decade as a child
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