Notorious British Ringer William Warburton, 107 Bout Loser, TKOs Unbeaten Contender

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 Notorious British Ringer William Warburton, 107 Bout Loser, TKOs Unbeaten Contender

By Robert Brizel, Head Real Combat Media Boxing Correspondent


William Warburton post fight interview without a scratch after beating Connor Seymour


He fights in the modern tradition of Peter Buckley. His friends call him ‘Warby’. He is 29 years old, and has not won as many bouts as his age. With 23 wins, 109 losses, and nine draws, with four knockouts, In October of 2016, William Warburton, who sometimes fights every week, beat up and decisions 23-4-2 Rob Hunt.  In November 2016, he drew with 8-0 Joe Hurn,


Warburton must not have gotten a second check under the table at the Ice Arena in Hull Yorkshire on February 25, 2017, where he decked and finished off 7-0-2 prospect contender Connor Seymour. Warburton, it seems, has three fights scheduled during the first three weeks of March 2017:  Joe Hillerby, Stephen Danyo, and Anthony Hardy. Warburton goes after fighters with winning records always in condition and with complete disdain for their supposed ‘abilities’.


Warburton is a notorious ringer at junior middleweight and middleweight, fighting essentially in the zone of 146 to 162 pounds. Warburton actually won his professional debut by decisioning Craig Tomes in April 2009, before settling from the good ‘fringe’ life of an available paycheck loser. Along the way, he beat up such rising contenders and prospects as R.P. Davies, Marvin Greaves, Todd Roberts, Tommy Broadbent, Georgie Kean, Lewis Rees, and Gary Fox.  He drew with unbeaten contender Chris O’Brien twice. He beaten up on two rising fighters with winning records consecutively, Amir Unsworth and Dean Harrison, with a combined 31 wins, and ruined their careers.  He ruined the pro debut of Karl Harrison, finishing him in the third round. He beat up and finished off 12-0 prospect Chris Higgs in the seventh round. He fought brilliant technical bouts and decisioned both 12-5 Darryl Still and 6-5-1 Craig Kelly, tuning up instead on the fighters who were supposed to tune up on him.


Warburton is the king of the ringers today. Apparently, Warburton’s ability to win or lose is the same as gold ole Peter Buckley, as the crow flies. Ringer round the collar. The United Kingdom, it must be told, has always been a great breeding grounds for both rising prospects and professional losers. Peter Buckley loses 300 bouts, and beats up his opponent in his final bout. Get out of here. William Warburton is a grand successor to Buckley.

Robert Brizel
Robert Brizel
A native of New York’s Catskill Mountains, long a haven to boxers in training, New York City educator and sports writer Robert Brizel holds five university degrees in the education field, and has been writing about boxing since 1975. Robert has been an internet only boxing writer and photographer since 2008, and previously wrote for Saddoboxing. An old school writer rare in that he writes and takes his own boxing photos simultaneously, he seeks out different angles to create original stories. Robert is a frequent sight reporting boxing events in Atlantic City Casinos and New York City. Now expanding his writing to add MMA. Married with a daughter. A sharp dresser, Robert’s electric personality brings class and to events he covers. The only active boxing writer today licensed as a boxing manager and corner man, Robert works the corner in New York and New Jersey on occasion, adding a unique perspective and dimension to his perceptions of the fight game today. Also a trained vocalist who performed on the Catskill hotel nightclub stage for a decade as a child
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